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Search Engine Optimisation is one of the most cost-effective ways of promoting your business and focusses on such areas as relevant keywords, images and search terms which are associated with your business.

At SEO Doncaster we ensure that your website content is as relevant as possible to your chosen keywords/phrases and using monthly monitoring we can implement changes make sure your website achieves its highest possible ranking.


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Why people choose iKlik Search Engine Optimisation:


Fixed Pricing

Local SEO is a low cost way to advertise your business – where else can you advertise your business for next to nothing?


Free Advice

SEO should only be part of your advertising strategy. We can advise on other low-cost ways to promote your business.


Low Monthly Payments

We understand that running a small business isn’t easy, so we make SEO attainable by offering affordable monthly payments.


Reduced Costs

We know our SEO works. With this in mind we offer a price reduction for 2nd SEO orders onwards – Even better value.

How we deliver the Best SEO possible:


A Full Interrogation Of Your Website Which Is Then Compared To Your Competitors

Put simply, this means that whatever you require from your website, we will only build what is absolutely necessary to meet your requirements. We have many customers with only a one page website because it keeps the price down and provides them and their customers with all they require. The websites can always be updated at a later date.


We Then Make All The Necessary Changes To Your Website

If the SEO is being carried out on a website we have built we will carry out all the necessary on-site changes to propell you up the search engine rankings. If your website was built by you or a 3rd party website designer, we will produce a concise report explaining all the changes required, and if necessary, we offer telephone support. Once your on-site SEO is complete, we notify the search engines of the changes and implement our ongoing strategy to ensure your ranking improves.


Proven Results

“I was called on 8th September by a researcher representing the Jeremy Vine show on Radio 2 and asked if I would like to take part in the show to discuss the immenent charge of 5p on the polythene bags from supermarkets.

I agreed and I was asked to hold on the phone and wait for Jeremy Vine to come on and introduce me and disscuss the charge.

I was then on live on Radio 2 for 10 mins dicussing the new legislation.

The only reason that the show contacted us was because the SEO that you provide has pushed us up the rankings on Google and the other search engines making it possible for our business to be found for specific keywords including “polythene bag manufacturers”.

I had a number of people call and email me after the show to say they had heard what I had to say.

Since you started the SEO campaign we have seen a marked increase in the number of enquiries we receive via the internet, so much so that we have now stopped advertising with and only use Iklik for our online campaign.”

Dan Bentley, Manager – Xtex Polythene Ltd.

*If you would like to talk to one of our existing SEO Halifax clients, please contact us and we will be happy to supply you with their details.

About Doncaster

Doncaster is a minster town in South Yorkshire, England. It is named after the River Don, which flows close to the centre. It is the main settlement of the wider and the second largest in South Yorkshire after Sheffield. Founded by the Romans, Doncaster is a major regional hub with good transport, heritage sites and recreation centres. It is also considered a market town due to its large market centre and market charter status from medieval times.

Possibly inhabited earlier, Doncaster grew up on the site of a Roman fort of the 1st century CE, at a crossing of the River Don. The 2nd-century Antonine Itinerary and early-5th-century Notitia Dignitatum (Register of Dignitaries) called the fort Danum. The first section of road to the Doncaster fort had probably been built since the early 50s, while a route through the north Derbyshire hills was opened in the later 1st century, possibly by Governor Gn. Julius Agricola in the late 70s. Doncaster provided an alternative land route between Lincoln and York, while the main route Ermine Street involved parties breaking up to cross the Humber in boats. As this was not always practical, the Romans saw Doncaster as an important staging post.

The medieval township is known to have been protected by earthen ramparts and ditches, with four substantial gates as entrances to the town.

During the 16th and 17th centuries, Doncaster continued to expand, but it suffered several outbreaks of plague between 1562 and 1606. Each struck down significant numbers of victims.

During the First English Civil War, King Charles I marched by Bridgnorth, Lichfield and Ashbourne to Doncaster, where on 18 August 1645 he was met by numbers of Yorkshire gentlemen who had rallied to his cause. On 2 May 1664, Doncaster was rewarded with the title of Free Borough as a way for the King (Charles I’s son, King Charles II) to express gratitude for the allegiance.

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