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web design Halifax

We’re here to offer the best advice, support and assistance whilst helping you and your business troubleshoot any technical and/or marketing issues.

Website Development Agency Halifax

Our bespoke website design service includes a free domain name, free email account and includes free (simple) updates for as long as you remain an iKLIK client.

We also offer Logo Design Bingley, Search Engine Optimisation Bingley, Pay Per Click Management Bingley, and Professional Photography Bingley.

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Web Design Halifax

Websites from Only £199.00

Why people choose iKLIK Website Development Agency Halifax:


No Price Increases

Although we can’t predict the future, we have not had a single price increase on website design services since 2013.


Free Advice

We run a small local business, so we understand what you’re looking for, and we will always give “best advice”.


Flexible Payments

You can pay your website hosting anually by invoice, or by making twelve monthly reduced standing order payments.


Multiple Savings

If you take more than one service from us, we will heavily discount your combined services, in some cases up to 50% off.

How we build you the Best Website possible:


The Least Cost Option

Put simply, this means that whatever you require from your website, we will only build what is absolutely necessary to meet your requirements. We have many customers with only a one page website because it keeps the price down and provides them and their customers with all they require. The websites can always be updated at a later date.


The Latest Software and Best Hosting

A dated visual design can sometimes be the fault of the designer, but in most cases it is purely down to the fact that the software used to build is website is out of date, thus having a negative impact on the aesthetics of the website. Combine this with a slow loading page, a low standard of written content and a poor or confusing customer journey and your website will be of little benefit to your business.


Professional Photography and Stock Images

Photography is more important than ever. You only have to look on social media to see how many people are posting photographs, and it is no surprise that a post with a striking image usually gains more “likes” than a post with a poor image or no image at all. Below, we have taken a screen-shot of a generic website and used what we consider to be good and bad images – use the slide and see which version you prefer!

website development agency Halifax

Our Clients:

Since 2009 our website design & marketing agency has had the pleasure of partnering with dozens of companies.

Some key clients we’ve partnered with are:

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