Correx Signs Bradford


When temporary display printing materials are required, correx signs work perfectly for both indoor and outdoor displays, exhibitions, and retail outlets.

Lightweight and weatherproof, our outdoor signs and boards are also perfect for campaign boards, placards, and event signage.

Vibrantly printed onto A3 or A4 correx sheets, our outdoor sign printing options are sure to grab the attention of anyone passing by!

correx signs bradford

Correx Signs Bradford

The name ‘Correx’ applies to a range of extruded corrugated plastic sheet based on a propylene ethylene copolymer. The natural polymer is chemically inert and is generally recognised by legislative authorities as being non-toxic and safe to use in contact with foodstuffs. The polymer has been safely used in large quantities for over 25 years in all the normal thermoplastic conversion processes. The Correx sheet itself is more recent; it has been marketed since 1972.

When Correx is heated in air above 300oC, decomposition and oxidative pyrolysis takes place. The heat of oxidation may produce a rapid rise in temperature which accelerates the pyrolysis. Under these conditions carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and acrolein are evolved. These evolved gases may ignite. Once ignition occurs sufficient heat will be generated to accelerate further the pyrolysis, thereby releasing further quantities of low molecular weight fractions. Burning is accompanied by the release of flaming molten droplets of polymer which could ignite other flammable materials which are nearby.

Carbonisation also occurs and some of the carbon is released as soot. The main combustion product inflaming conditions is generally carbon dioxide. However, in confined spaces rapid deoxygenation of the air can occur, resulting in increased amounts of carbon monoxide.

Appreciable quantities of acrolein and other toxic aldehydes can also evolve over a limited range of temperatures. This pyrolysis is very similar to that of wood and other cellulosic materials though there are differences in detail.

The comments made on the burning behaviour of Correx can only be of a general nature, since the conditions in a fire situation will depend upon many factors, such as location, the presence of other flammable materials and the availability of air, and can never be fully predicted. Should a fire involving Correx occur, however, any commonly available fire extinguisher may be used. It has been found that powder extinguishants are very effective in quenching flames although they do not have the cooling ability needed for a deep seated fire. Water sprays are especially effective in rapidly cooling and damping down a fire, but the use of jets of water in the early stages of a fire is not recommended since they could help to spread the flames.

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